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Writing Samples
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Caroline began the "Handwriting Help for Kids" program.
She started with the

Date of Sample: 9/21/00
Caroline is learning "letter stories" for each letter.
Look at "R" now!
See how she starts "A" and "N" at the top too!

Date of Sample: 11/22/00
Caroline has mastered all these upper case letters!
She is ready to learn lower case letters.

Date of Sample: 12/13/00

Bryan has trouble with letter formation, sizing and spacing.
He starts using the

book to master letter formation.

Date of Sample: 10/31/01
Bryan has mastered letter formation.
It is time to write sentences using the

Date of Sample: 11/30/01
Bryan's writing is improving!
It is time to address spacing between words with the WRITE WELL book.

Date of Sample: 12/12/01
Great progress in three months!
Compare this to his first writing sample.

Date of Sample: 1/9/02

Sara has nice letter size and good spaces between words.
But she has so much trouble forming cursive letters.
Sara begins using the


Date of Sample: 10/31/01
The CREATE CURSIVE book taught Sara all of the "cursive letter waves".
What beautiful cursive writing now!

Date of Sample: 11/28/01